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Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Caring for priceless rugs takes special skill and care. At Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we understand the need to properly clean delicate rugs without risking damage. With over 10 years of rug cleaning experience, our experts offer two options: In-home and Factory Cleaning.

We customise our world-class techniques to the exact needs of your fiber. Our effective rug cleaning solutions lift embedded soil while powerful equipment lifts dirt from the base without abrasion. Controlled drying and meticulous grooming restore original luxury, sheen and softness. Gorgeous results reveal why leading designers and rug collectors trust us.

Trust our professionals to properly clean even the most delicate fibres. Call today to schedule an appointment tailored for your fibers with the utmost care. With specialised options for stubborn stains, pet mishaps, and routine upkeep cleaning techniques, your rugs will be handled with the expertise they deserve.

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In-Home Cleaning

We can perform thorough cleaning on durable rugs right in your home. However, we advise against in-home methods for hand-woven pieces.

Our four cleaning process:

  1. Vacuuming: Industrial vacuums lift out dust and allergens buried deep down for a healthier home.
  2. Stain-Fighting Foam: We apply a green-certified, non-toxic pre-conditioner to loosen oily dirt before rinsing.
  3. Hot Water Extraction: Using truck-mounted equipment, high-temp rinse water lifts blemishes in high foot traffic areas while simultaneous suction removes it all.
  4. Finishing Touches: Experts complete the process by grooming fibers, touching up spots and performing a quality check when dry.

Factory Cleaning

For fragile or heavily soiled rugs, our experts recommend offsite cleaning. We gently cleanse delicate rugs at our cleaning facility. Our six-step process:

  1. Safe Transport: We take extra attention in moving rug to prevent damage from loading and unloading.
  2. Evaluation and Dust Removal: First we identify the construction, fabric, embellishments. We pretreat tough stains if needed and beat out deeply embedded dirt.
  3. Washing: Depending on soil level, material, and dyes, rugs are hand or machine washed with gentle, wool-safe cleaners to lift dirt and revive hues.
  4. Controlled Drying: Then rug fully dry in our climate-controlled room over 12-24 hours, from the backside outward.
  5. Finishing: Lastly, our experts fluff the rug pile, steam smooth wrinkles, spot clean final touches and call you for delivery.

Our Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

We offer specialized solutions tailored to properly clean all rug types:

Steam Cleaning Service

Our heated water extraction system deeply penetrates natural fibres to lift dirt without overwetting rugs.

Dry Cleaning

For silk rugs and woven fabrics, we use gentle dry solvents to lift soil without risk of shrinkage or dye bleed.

Spot Treatment

We pretreat spills first for best results removing grime.

Full Immersion

Heavily soiled rugs soak in custom solutions to loosen ingrained dirt from all sides.

Repair & Restoration

Our experts can reinforce structural damage, refresh faded colors, and restore beauty.

Protective Treatments

We apply advanced shields during service to help resist future marks.

Odor Removal

Whether pet urine or smoke smells, we have specialty techniques to permanently deodorize rugs.

Why Professional Cleaning Matters

Daily vacuuming only goes so far for deep cleaning prized rug. Here’s why our services are a smart long-term investment:

  • Preserve Beauty
    Our deep clean extracts ground-in grime that ruin fabric over decades. Spot cleaning method ensures no sticky residues reattract soil quickly. Your rug maintains vibrancy much longer between professional services.
  • Prevent Permanent Issues
    We catch early signs of moth, unraveling, foundation wear before it’s too late. This keeps future repair costs lower. Our careful methods also ensure no risks like iron burns or water damage.
  • Protect Original Value
    Freshly cleaned rug look clean and tell guests you mind the details. Proactive upkeep preserves quality and value for years to come.

Types of Rugs We Service

Wool, Silk, Cotton, Jute, Chenille, Antique & Vintage, Hand Woven, Machine Made, Synthetic Blends, Olefin, Polyester

When it comes to your decor centerpieces, trust our rug cleaning specialists with your treasures!

Where We Service

We provide rug pickup & delivery service throughout Melbourne city and metro suburbs. This includes:

  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner City
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • Mornington Peninsula


Do you provide pickup & delivery?

Yes, we provide convenient scheduled pickup and delivery across all metro Melbourne suburbs.

What about fringe damage or loose threads?

Our repair services expertly fix fringes, worn edges, loose threads and more.

How long does rug cleaning take?

In-home cleaning takes 2-3 hours. Offsite factory cleaning takes 1-2 weeks including transport, wash and drying time.

Do you clean rug pads too?

Yes, we safely clean standard rug pads along with your rug using customer-preferred methods.

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