Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked some great questions. Here you will get answers to all the cleaning questions we receive from our customers.

What is carpet steam cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is the process of cleaning a carpet where hot water extraction technique is used. Although there is a real industrial steam cleaning process, as far as carpet cleaning is concerned, professional carpet cleaners use equipment that sprays hot water, at times with mixed cleaning chemicals on the carpet.

What is carpet dry cleaning?

This process of cleaning involves using specializes machines to have the carpet cleaned with the latest chemical technologies that do not permit moisture or allows very low moisture cleaning, leading to carpet beautification, & elimination of dirt, stains, sand, grit as well as allergens.

What does carpet cleaning cost?

Professional carpet cleaning companies prefer to clean the entire house other than one room, however they’re always more than willing to do so & normally charge between $80 -$150 for areas between 200-400 sq feet. Small homes of about 1000 to 1500 sq feet are normally cleaned by a two-man crew and can cost from $200- $300.

I have stubborn stains on my carpet, what do I do?

Bad stains such as pet soils may linger for several months on your carpet of not properly treated. Many cleaning companies will just mask such stains. However, we use a patented system to break down the bad stain and get rid of the completely. It is best to treat the stain immediately to avoid any permanent damage.

Do you guarantee to remove all stains?

There are many variable. We will treat the tough spots and stubborn stains with special cleaning solutions before beginning the actual cleaning process. This will help eliminate as many spots and stains as possible.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

The duration varies depending on several factors such as equipment we use, cleaning method, carpet type, weather, ventilation and soiling. Normally within 3 hours or less.

Will you move my furniture?

Our pricing includes moving chairs, sofas, tables end tables among others. Larger dressers, beds as well as other heavier pieces are not interfered with according to pricing structure. But we may quote you for any extra furniture moving.

Do you also offer pest control services?

Yes, if you wish to protect your home from irritating pests or you have a pest problem. Combined with our cleaning services we also offer pest control.

Do you clean upholstery, rugs and blinds?

Yes, our highly trained & certified upholstery cleaning team have the required expertise in difficult to clean materials that include leather ,silk, velvet, suedes and other fibres and materials.

How long have you been operating?

Our cleaning contractors have a minimum of 5 years experience. Some much longer. We take carpet cleaning seriously and use the latest methods and equipment available.

Do you guarantee your work?

We go offer gaurantees. Our cleaners will advise you of our expectations prior to cleaning. In case you aren’t satisfied, we will come back to help you free of charge. If you’re still unsatisfied, we’ll honor our cash back guarantee.

What areas do you service in Melbourne?

All cleaning crews operate in every Melbourne suburb. Popular areas are the South East, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, South and all Western Suburbs. We also service the Bayside and Mornington Peninsula areas in Melbourne, Victoria.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Your cleaning professional will be covered by public liability insurance. Just ask for further information.

What are your operating hours?

Our offices are open as from 9am to 5pm in the evening. However, our cleaning technicians are flexible and can also arrange after hours appointments.

How many days a week do you work?

Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne work for 6 days but can create room on Sunday in case of emergencies.

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