• About Us

  • How many people think that once their carpets lose that fresh, straight out of the showroom scent that their condition will deteriorate from then on?

    Too many in our opinion; in fact, you might not know this, but even the most old and worn carpet or piece of upholstery could return to a brand-spanking new condition - especially when treated by a team of experts that really know what they’re doing.

    And who are those experts you ask?

    Well, we’d hate to blow our own horn but hundreds of our clients would consider giving us that very title.

    For more than a decade now, our team here at Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have helped an incredible amount of home and office owners to ensure that their properties remain as clean as possible.

    We don’t just have access to state of the art equipment and facilities that make our rivals jealous to the very core; we’ve also accumulated an astounding level of knowledge over the years.

    What Can We Do?

    When it comes to cleaning the majority of features found within a home, we are at the forefront of the most effective services out there.

    From cleaning carpets using advanced techniques, right through to improving the condition of your upholstery, your air ducts and even your wooden flooring – we have the knowledge and expertise to be able to help.

    Why Choose Us?

    If you’re looking for an expensive, untrustworthy service that wants to rob you blind, then you won’t find that here.

    What we offer is an affordable, honest selection of features that could have your home looking and feeling as fresh as possible; with minimal fuss.

    Our clients come to us when they need a team of cleaning experts that can rid their carpets of stubborn stains, extensive dirt build ups and much more in between.

    We might not be the biggest cleaning company Melbourne has to offer, but boy oh boy do we make up for that with our expertise, our knowledge and our willingness to help.

    We strive for perfection every time and whether you need a carpet cleaned, a piece of furniture buffed, or wooden floor boards polished until they defy the ages; we are here for you.

    To learn more, simply get in touch with our friendly team today. We’ll give you a quote and take your booking whenever suits you, so why leave your home feeling dirty and uncared for any longer?