• Wood Floor Services

  • Is there anything quite as eye-catching as a stunning wooden floor that emanates style, tradition and class?

    Wooden flooring can be an asset to any home, but because it’s a feature in its own right you will need to ensure that it’s being looked after.

    Let’s face it – who really has time to polish and buff their wooden panels to a pleasant shine anymore?

    With work, the kids and any number of other responsibilities on your agenda, it won’t be uncommon for your wooden flooring to fall to the way side; deteriorating in the process as it does so.

    Where Do We Come In?

    You might not know this, but our team here at Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne just so happen to specialise in maintaining all types of flooring; and wooden floor boards are one of our specialties!

    Some of the most common reasons we’re contacted are related to when our clients are fed up of the state of their flooring - looking at discolouration within their wood, when the shading has faded over time, or when stains have shown up and won’t budge using regular household cleaners.

    With access to some of the most effective equipment on the market, our team have become the first port of call for hundreds of people in and around Melbourne.

    What Can Our Team Do?

    It won’t matter to us if you’re dealing with a stain, wear and tear, or general fading; we can all but guarantee to have access to the right types of resources and equipment to get your wooden floors looking fantastic.

    Not only do we use state of the art machinery and devices to take care of the hard work – our team also have well over a decade of experience in the field of floor cleaning.

    We don’t do things by halves, nor do we cut corners. If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable wood floor treatment service, then we are here to help.

    And if you feel like you’re ready to get your booking underway, why not do so right now? We can be contacted by phone and email, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!