• Water Damage

  • Try as we may, water seems to have an uncanny ability of entering our homes when we least expect it.

    Whether you’re dealing with damage after a burst pipe has taken its toll, if your entire home has been flooded and the water caused an extensive amount of damage, or if damp has started to take hold within a wall or ceiling and you’d like the experts to come and help – you’re in the right place.

    What Are the Risks of Water Damage?

    Generally speaking, water can be one of the most useful types of resource in the world.

    But it is also one of the most dangerous, costing home owners millions of dollars every year in insurance claims.

    It won’t matter to us what might have led to the cause of the damage; just that the consequences can be dealt with and that’s exactly what our team will strive to do.

    How Can We Help?

    The very first thing that our team will do will be to gauge the level of damage that has been caused by water.

    We might not be able to help with your electrical devices, but we can certainly assist with your carpets, your furniture and even your wooden flooring.

    Water can affect different materials in varying ways and that’s why we prioritise getting to grips with the issue first and then implementing the most suitable measures.

    Fortunately for you, our access to advanced resources can allow us to address even the most extensive types of water damage; including staining, warping and much more in between.

    For carpets, we will often encourage them to dry out and then restore them to their original condition.

    For floor boards, we will suggest allowing them to air dry and we can speed the process along with machinery and equipment.

    For furniture that can suffer with stains, there’s no more effective way to restore functionality and aesthetics than with an advanced clean – and these are all things that we specialise in.

    Our team are on hand to help you today and whether you’re facing an emergency, or if you’d like to book our services at a time that’s more convenient to you – give us a quick call (or send us an email) and we’ll do everything that we can to help.