• Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • The tiles within your home can last for years with minimal maintenance.

    Most of them are made from high strength ceramics and polymers, allowing them to withstand even the most severe of damage – but that still won’t make them completely impervious to other factors.

    And what are these factors?

    Dirt, stains, oil and grease to name just a few.

    Over time your tiles and grout can be prone to developing a shocking number of surface issues and not only can they affect the appearance of your flooring; they can carry A LOT of bacteria, too.

    How Can We Help?

    We are the proud owners of some of the most effective cleaning equipment in the country; in fact, here at Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we’ve become recognised as one of the most reliable cleaning agencies around.

    We’ll typically start by evaluating the condition of your tiles and grout and gauge the severity of any dirt or damage that might be present.

    Once we know where things stand, we’ll then set about implementing any number of our effective cleaning strategies to ensure that A) your tiles are cleaned and buffed and B) your grout is able to remain as strong and durable as possible.

    There can be instances where your grout has worn away - and in these cases, we’ll do everything that we can to rectify the situation.

    How Effective Are Our Services?

    We’d hate to blow our own horn, so we won’t. Instead, we’ll tell you that we’ve never received a complaint from a client – actually, we’re often applauded for our low costs and our effective results.

    You might have forgotten what your tiles actually looked like originally; especially if discolouration and surface damage have taken their toll.

    We strive to combat these events by utilising the most effective techniques to clean, buff and shine your tiles and grouting in a way that suits you.

    With us you won’t just be receiving a service that you can trust; you’ll be able to enjoy visible results in next to no time. To hire our tile cleaning experts, simply get in touch with our friendly team today!