• Our carpets can be exposed to all sorts of dirt and germs – from those that are brought in on the paws of our pets, to those that can fester when old food is able to decompose without being vacuumed up. Over the years it’s not unheard of for our carpets to become some of the most welcoming places for bacteria – and as the fibres that rugs consist of aren’t always easily accessed, it’s not always simple to keep them clean.

    And to make matters worse, these very fibres can be prone to fading over time or even worse; suffering with stains. If food or liquids are dropped onto the fibres of a carpet, it won’t take long for the composition of the strands to soak the liquid up, commonly resulting in discolouration and staining.

    Is this permanent?

    In some cases yes – the staining can take such an extreme toll that it becomes a permanent feature of the carpet. It is possible to reduce the appearance of a stain by breaking the pigment down over time, but if done without an expert’s guidance this can sometimes result in long term fibre damage; or strands that are too light when compared to other parts of the rug or carpet.

    This is one of the reasons why so many of our clients come to us. Because we’re able to evaluate the cause of a stain and then identify the most effective methods of treatment; we can all but guarantee to be able to remove even the most stubborn stains in a way that protects the integrity of your carpet.

    Is there anything worse than the thought of having to lift up an entire carpet, bin it and then have a new one fitted?

    Not only can this be an expensive solution; it’s really not all that necessary – especially if you have our team at your side. Sure, some stains might be difficult to lift away, but as we have access to a variety of chemical agents (many of which aren’t available outside of the industry), we can help. By targeting the area that has suffered with staining, we can remove the pigmentation left behind by the food or liquid and then lift the stain away with washing and steaming.

    And what are the results?

    In the majority of instances, you’ll be left with a carpet that A) looks fantastic and as good as new and B) won’t show any of the signs of the original stain. It’s even possible to apply a waxy layer to a carpet to better protect it from the same events happening again in the future.