• Pet Stain & Odor Removal

  • We love our pets, fact. Some of us share our furniture with them and others might even allow our dogs, cats and even guinea pigs to climb under the cover with us during those cold winter nights.

    But as joyful as our pets can be they aren’t always quite as hygienic as people - and that’s why it’s so important to properly clean up after them.

    Our pet stain & odour removal services can help with exactly this.

    From cleaning furniture after a wet dog decides to brush up against it, right through to removing fur, stains and unsavoury odours from your household items; our team have a trick for every event and we’d love to help you today.

    And How Can We Help Exactly?

    Let’s imagine that you have a pet that enjoys nothing more than being hosed down, finding a way in through the back door and then running riot within your home.

    Or a cat that has developed an unfortunate tendency of spraying its scent in the most inconvenient of places to mark its territory.

    When these events occur you’ll often be left with one of two options; either attempt to clean the cause of the issue, or pack up and move out!

    We know just how challenging it can be to clean up stains and smells from carpets and upholstery - and we’d hate for you to be forced to move out – that’s why we’re proud to offer our pet cleaning service in and around Melbourne.

    Now when we say that, we don’t actually mean that we’ll clean your pet; just that we’ll do everything that we can to rectify any consequences of their presence.

    If your carpets and furniture have been stained by pet secretions including blood, faeces, or anything else for that matter; we have a variety of equipment and cleaning agents that can help.

    If you’re dealing with stains instead, then we have just as many solutions that can help.

    We’re just an email or phone call away, so what have you got to lose? We’ll do everything that we can to rid your home of unwanted stains and odours - and you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh, clean smelling home without further delay!