• Your home should be your kingdom, but if there’s one thing that most property owners will find – it’s that being able to ensure a thorough, effective clean can be as time consuming as it is impossible. Bacteria spreads – fact. Germs thrive within carpets, furniture, in bathrooms and around the kitchen – fact.

    A little known secret is that the average home will play host to a whopping 1,000 unique types of bacteria (more if you don’t make a point of cleaning often).

    But as mentioned above this can be time consuming – and that’s one of the reasons why so many of our clients come to us for help.

    Who are we?

    In a nutshell, we just so happen to be one of the most reputable cleaning companies in the entirety of Melbourne. We specialise in carpet cleaning as our name might suggest; but that doesn’t mean that we draw the line there.

    Over the course of the past decade we’ve treated floorboards, rugs, upholstery and much more in between. We’ve helped to remove stains from furniture, as well as odours from different parts of the home with minimal fuss.

    Hiring a cleaning agency really doesn’t have to be hard.

    Sure, you’ll have to spend a little to receive the service – but just think of the time and effort that you could save, not to mention being able to rely on the expertise of a team that actually clean for a living! That’s a pretty appealing fact if you think about it; allowing you to make time for the things that really matter in life.

    Do you really need to hire a cleaning agency?

    If you don’t mind sharing a kitchen with thousands of germs, or eating food from a fridge that might be suffering with a bacterial invasion, then there’s definitely no need to hire a cleaner. If you’d prefer to know that your home is as clean as possible however, with frequent steaming of your carpets, intensive polishing using antibacterial formulas and much more in between – then a cleaning company might well be the way to go.

    A good cleaner should strive to be available when they’re needed. They should be able to work to your schedule and within a time frame that suits your exact requirements. Most importantly of all, they should be able to minimise your stress in the process; allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your home is cleaned, whilst allowing you to enjoy your free time indoors without having to worry about bumping into germs along the way!