• Furniture Cleaning

  • We expect a lot from our furniture and whether yours is made from canvas, fibre, leather, or any type of material for that matter; the reality is that without proper care and maintenance, it could soon start to suffer.

    At Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we don’t just specialise in rugs and carpets; we also have an extensive amount of experience in the furniture and upholstery cleaning fields, too.

    From using state of the art vacuums to rid all nooks and crannies of dirt and debris, right through to steam cleaning facilities that can act to kill bacteria and germs while breaking down oils and grease; we have a piece of equipment for every occasion.

    Rather than rushing in and potentially putting the material of your furniture at risk, our team of experts will carefully consider the composite properties within your upholstery before setting about picking the right types of cleaning options – options that could offer the most effective results.

    We Care About Your Furniture

    So many people don’t realise just how much dirt and decay can build up within and on top of their furniture over time.

    It’s not just money that can fall into cracks and crevices behind your seating and cushions; crumbs and pieces of food can, too.

    And over time, bacteria can start to develop and spread, covering the surface of your furniture without you even realising.

    From microscopic mites right through to different types of fungi and bacterial mould; if you don’t look after your furniture, it won’t be able to look after you!

    Fortunately, our team of experts are well-versed at cleaning furniture of all types.

    We don’t judge and we offer complete confidentiality, so whatever condition your piece of furniture might be in; you can count on us.

    For a quote or to learn a little more about our cleaning services, send us a quick email today and we’ll do everything that we can to answer your questions and look after your needs.