• Shouldn’t you be able to confidently say that your home is as clean as it is comfortable? Some say that cleanliness is next to godliness and we couldn’t agree more – but is there any real way to ensure that your house stays as free from bacteria as possible?

    Unfortunately not, mainly due to the fact that bacteria and germs are living organisms that can spread and grow in the most unlikely of places.

    But that being said, a quick clean from time to time can certainly put a halt on any extreme bacterial spread – and for those of you that are keen to tackle this unsavoury event at its source, here’s a closer look at some of the most common places germs can build up.

    Behind the fridge

    Most fridges are constructed in a way that allows them to rest comfortably on small legs. This can be a great way to ensure that they can be moved around when needed, but unfortunately the gap underneath can be prone to accumulating dirt and germs over the months. In these cases it’s not unheard of for bacteria to start under the fridge and then spread to the exterior surface of it, slowly making its way inwards.

    If left untreated the germs could enter the inside of your fridge. They’ll die in the freezer, but your refrigerator won’t be as good at keeping them at bay!

    Around your oven

    Most people will cook all sorts of food within their ovens and although the temperature internally can be ideal for killing germs and bacterial build-ups, just outside of the unit can be a completely different story. We’ve seen bacterial growth around the edges of an oven door and even under hinges.

    Over time this bacteria can spread to surrounding components within your kitchen including your cupboards and drawers.

    Within your furniture

    So many people overlook the fact that our furniture, regardless of whether the seats are made from leather or fabric, can be prone to accumulating dirt, oil and grease over time. From the crumbs that fall off of plates right through to the bacteria that’s on our clothes from when we travel outdoors – behind your cushions and on the arms and backs of your furniture can fester a variety of germs.

    Taking cushions apart to clean them can be a good way to combat these events, as can steam cleaning fabrics and using chemical cleaners on leather to ensure that all germs are dead can be very beneficial.