• Air Duct Cleaning

  • Your air ducts will typically be responsible for ensuring that the flow of oxygen can take place without difficulty.

    Some ducts will be fitted above fireplaces and so might be exposed to toxic fumes and greasy build ups, while others might connect from an outside source to an internal one; providing a fresh air supply to your home whenever you need it.

    But if one thing can be said for these types of features (beyond their usefulness), it’s that they can be prone to suffering with decay over time.

    And That’s Where We Come In

    Our team of expert cleaners at Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne aren’t just fantastic at maintaining rugs and upholstery; we also specialise in cleaning air ducts and ventilation shafts of all shapes and sizes.

    Let’s imagine for a moment that you have an air duct that’s used to transfer the toxic fumes from a furnace or fireplace to the outside.

    Now let’s imagine that it’s been allowed to suffer with a build-up of dirt and grime for at least a year.

    You might not know this, but as this grime settles it can begin to seep into the oxygen within your home; forcing you, your family and your pets to breathe in the toxicity.

    This event can occur within any type of vent; even those that aren’t exposed to toxic fumes. As dirt and debris can build up, you could be left suffering.

    Or you might have noticed that a particular vent isn’t actually passing air as it used to do.

    In any event – we can help.

    Using state of the art tools that allow us to reach into ducts, clean them and return them to complete functionality, we could help you to ensure that your home gets to enjoy clean, fresh air – whatever the weather.

    And we could be taking care of your air duct cleaning as you read this, so why delay when you could get in touch with our friendly team right now and have us look after the condition of your air ducts and vents?